1. Specific terms and conditions and their acceptance

These Specific Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Specific Terms and Conditions”) regulate the use and services provided through the Internet portal called TURISMOI.DO (hereinafter, the “Portal”) that it makes available to its Internet Users .

2. Services offered

The general service offered by TURISMOI.DO is the dissemination of tourist destinations on its Portal, so that they are accessed by other Users and third parties, as well as by other electronic means of communication or not, such as: emails or postcards, electronic or physical tourist publications or virtual or physical catalogs, among others.

3. User registration

In order for a User to register on the Portal, the User must complete a form, as well as the login data ("Login Data"), which are made up of a single login name ( "User" or "account name"), and a security password ("password"). If so, TURISMOI.DO will send an automatic message to the User in order to verify the email account provided for registration. Once the email account provided has been verified, the User will be registered in the Portal (Registered User).

In accordance with the provisions of Law on Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data obtained as a result of your registration as a User will be incorporated into a file owned by TURISMOI.DO.

The User is solely responsible for their identity and the protection of their password. The User is completely and ultimately responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login and password, as well as the computer system used to access the Portal or any of the Services. In addition, the User is the only person in charge and responsible for the use of their Login Data, whether authorized by the User or not. Likewise, the User must not, directly or indirectly, reveal their password to anyone for any reason, under any circumstances, or allow someone else to access their account. Sharing, marketing, exchanging, selling, buying or distributing accounts, Login Data and / or passwords is prohibited. If this situation is verified, the responsible Users may be suspended and / or unsubscribed from the Portal.

TURISMOI.DO is not responsible for the veracity of the information that is not of its own elaboration and for which another source is indicated, and therefore does not assume any responsibility for hypothetical damages that may arise from the use of such information.

TURISMOI.DO is exonerated from liability for any damage or loss that the User may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions, in the information provided by the User.

TURISMOI.DO is not responsible for the inappropriate use of the User Identity or password, either by the User himself or third parties. If the User discovers that the confidentiality of her User and / or password may be at risk, she must immediately inform TURISMOI.DO as soon as possible. If so, TURISMOI.DO may report such events to the authorities in order to find those responsible for the violation of the reported User / Password.

TURISMOI.DO will not allow the registration of any user identity and / or Nick that is offensive, obscene, inappropriate or that is contrary to morality and good customs. If any User and / or Nick violates any of these General Terms and Conditions, TURISMOI.DO may suspend the User, and even unsubscribe from the Portal, with or without notice or prior warning.

The User accepts, by the fact of entering his data in the Portal and / or registering in it, the right of TURISMOI.DO to communicate with him by all possible means and means, including electronic ones, until they request the cancellation of your account in TURISMOI.DO or the requested services, or as far as the applicable legislation on the matter allows.

TURISMOI.DO does not control, monitor or review the information provided by the Registered User during the technical process of registration on the Portal, so it assumes in good faith that all the information provided is correct and appropriate to the General and Specific Terms and Conditions .

TURISMOI.DO reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to unsubscribe information that does not comply with the parameters established by TURISMOI.DO, is allegedly false or inaccurate information or that contradicts the General and Specific Terms and Conditions, or does not reflect the true and exact status of the Registered User; You can even unsubscribe for this reason, without prior notice or notification and without any liability for it.

Registered Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, validity, legality and authenticity of all the data and personal information entered.

4. Other publications

TURISMOI.DO may (but does not have the obligation to do so) publish on any other portal or means of communication, electronic or not, and at its sole discretion and decision, some or all of the contents of the Portal. The user expressly authorizes hereby TURISMOI.DO to publish their comments or opinions on their own portals or those owned or managed by third parties, as well as in the means they deem appropriate and in the manner and for the time they deem appropriate. In case this service has a cost, it will be duly informed to the offering User in order to give their express authorization to it and proceed with the mechanism established for that purpose.

5. Intellectual property

The offering User declares, guarantees and accepts that they have the right to upload / send the information for publication on the Portal, they do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual property, brand, patent, trade secret, or any other third party right, that said information is not confidential and that said information is not harmful to third parties, illegal or illicit.

In the event that the Offering User chooses to publish / send any type of information for publication on the Portal, the Offering User grants TURISMOI.DO a revocable, non-exclusive, free license, worldwide and indefinitely and until instruction against by the offering User himself; of use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, transmission, public communication, translation and exploitation of said information, either within the scope of the Portal or other means of publicity thereof, as well as in portals and other means of communication owned or third-party management, and in printed publications of any kind.

6. Limitations of users

Without prejudice to other measures, TURISMOI.DO may temporarily suspend or permanently disable an Offering User or a notice in any of the following cases: (a) if it becomes aware that the notice violates any law, or any of the provisions of the Terms and General Conditions and other policies of the Portal; (b) breaches its commitments as a User; (c) commits willful or fraudulent conduct or acts; (d) provide erroneous information; (e) breaches or violates any clause of these specific Terms and Conditions.

In the case of the suspension or disqualification of a User or notice, all the content that has been announced will be removed from the Portal.

TURISMOI.DO reserves the right, at any time and without the need for prior notification, to remove a User offering the Portal, if the information provided by it does not correspond to these Terms and Conditions. Users assume full responsibility towards TURISMOI.DO, other Users, Offering Users and third parties, for the information they provide.

7. Protection of personal data

To use the Services offered by TURISMOI.DO, the Offering Users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. Once the data of the offering User is registered, TURISMOI.DO will not sell, rent or share personal information, except in the forms established in its policies, and as long as it has the authorization of the owner of the personal data for it. It may happen that by virtue of court orders or legal regulations, TURISMOI.DO is forced to disclose information to the authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in cases where third parties may intercept or access certain information or transmissions of data, in which case TURISMOI.DO will not respond for the information that is revealed.

The Offering User, by the simple fact of registering and / or using the services of the TURISMOI.DO Portal, accepts that it sends all kinds of advertisements and publicity (including, but not limited to commercial emails, brochures, letters, etc. .) to its declared physical and / or virtual address, with the news, offers and promotions of the services it provides. Likewise, as long as your prior acceptance in this regard is measured, announcements and publicity (including, but not limited to commercial emails, brochures, letters, etc.) will be sent to your declared physical and / or virtual address, with the latest news. , offers and promotions of services provided by third parties other than TURISMOI.DO.

In any case, if the offering User does not wish to continue receiving such communications, they may revoke the reception authorization granted hereby, for which they must contact TURISMOI.DO through the Portal, in order to be removed from their database.

8. General

These specific Terms and Conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Portal, as well as the particular terms or conditions of each service. In all matters not provided for in this text, the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of the Portal shall be supplementary.

In the event of a discrepancy between the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the specific Terms and Conditions or particular conditions of each service, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

In the event that any provision or provisions of these specific Terms and Conditions are (are) considered null and void or inapplicable, in whole or in part, by any competent court, tribunal or administrative body, said nullity or inapplication will not affect the other provisions, nor the General and / or Particular Terms and Conditions of the different specific services offered by TURISMOI.DO.

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